About us

一歩先を見据えたTotal Solutionを提案し、お客様の品質向上とCost Downに寄与することを目指しています。

未来に向けて若い人材を育成すること、 未来型ビジネスモデルの構築にも力を入れています。

iGlobal is a trading company in the semiconductor industry. We provide our customers with refurbished equipment,
parts and engineering service for their semiconductor manufacturing processes. From our head office in Japan,
we are acting on the global market, providing total solutions that are one step ahead as well as improving quality
and lowering costs. Since our founding in 2008, we have been cooperating with our professional partners in providing
the best products and services for each customer's challenges and needs.

We are also actively developing and exploring future businesses and opportunities with our partners and
creative talentsfrom all over the world.